WhatsApp rolling out new privacy features


WhatsApp rolling out new privacy features

WhatsApp is adding some important new privacy features which will give users more control over their privacy. According to WhatsApp, the aim of the changes is to give more robust experience while adding new security layers to protect communication.

Online Presence Control

One of the new WhatsApp privacy features will be Online Presence Control. This feature will allow the users to use WhatsApp privately without being visible to others. Users will be able to select which contacts can see their online status while hiding from other contacts. This update will be available for both Desktop, web and app versions.

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking

WhatsApp will also rollout a new feature which will restrict users to block taking screenshots of “View Once” messages which disappear after viewing once. This feature is still in the testing phase and will be available soon according to WhatsApp. One flaw will remain as users can capture an image of the “view once” message using another phone’s camera.

Leave WhatsApp groups without notifying others

Another useful update in the testing is to leave any group without a notification in the group that some user has left the group. Group admins will still be able to see the notification; other group members won’t get any kind of notification when you leave the group making it less awkward.

WhatsApp is continuously adding more and more useful privacy and user experience features making the app more safe and secure for personal and business use.

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