What is Data Analytics

What is Data Analytics

What is Data analytics?

Data analytics help find useful trends, insights and patterns using raw data. It helps find useful information which can help organizations in strategic decision making and keep an eye on the important functions of the organizations.

Types of Data Analytics

There are 5 types of data analytics.

Big data analytics revenue worldwide 2025
68bn USD

Business intelligence and analytics software application market worldwide 2021<br /> 15.75bn USD

Volume of data created worldwide 2025
181 zettabytes

How data analytics help business

Data analytics help companies analyze customers buying trends, products selling patterns, best and worst selling products, overall growth of the business, strong and weak areas which can help them change strategies and processes to increase sales and turn least profit making products into best selling products. Organizations can use data analytics to find useful information including:

Uses of data analytics

Data analytics is used in a wide variety of business and industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, financial services, research firms, aviation and transport companies, distribution and logistics, accounting firms, marketing and advertising companies, sales, etc.

Data Analytics Tools

Various tools and techniques are used to find hidden patterns inside the raw data. Some of the most popular data analytics tools are: