Website Designing

Why Website Designing is important?

Your website design is the first thing audience notices. A creative web design can turn that audience into a client.
A poorly designed or a outdated website can have a negative impace on your audience so it’s utmost important to have web design with a modern and clean look.

What are the essentials of a website design?

Website Layout

A simple, clean and intuitive web design ensures website audience retention on your website. A layout with plenty of margins and paddings ensure a clean look that allows website audience to have a clear idea about your business and services.

Color Scheme

Another important factor in web designing is choosing the right color scheme. The color combination catches audience attention quicker. It is imperative to use the same color scheme for your web design as used in your logo design to give a consistent look and feel of your brand. The color scheme must be chosen correctly to target the right audience.


typography plays an important role in your website design. It allows website audience to read the content with ease. A great font is ideal for headings and paragraphs with suitable background colors.


In website designing, navigation is another important factor to let your audience know the services you offer and all the information about your brand. Easy navigation access allows website audience to explore your website and know more about your brand. Better understanding of your brand allows website audience to have a clear idea about your brand and products.


Your website design in incomplete without the content which includes information about your brand and products. A well written and well organised content is the guarantee to more website audience and better rankining in search results on a search engine.

Responsive Web Design

Since last 10 years, more users are accessing the websites using a mobile phone instead of a PC. To better serve the mobile phone users, a website must have a responsive website design. Which means, it should be adjusting itself to any screen size.
With the introduction of Google’s mobile first index strategy, Responsive web design is now mandatory for all website owners.

Do you want to take your website to the next level?
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How can we help you in responsive website design?

Code Vectors, as a web design company have pioneered in responsive website designing. Since last 10 years, we have designed hundred of responsive web designs allowing our clients to have an edge over the competitors with stronger audience base. Our responsive web designs have helped our clients to achieve the higher ranking in google search results as well. code vectors, as a best web design company, prepares responsive web designs using latest tools and technologies with a modern and clean look so the audience can find all the required information at the right place.
We provide 24/7 support to our clients so they can have updates, customization in a matter of hours. We ensure our responsive web designs meet highest quality standards and W3C compliant. Our responsive web designs are adaptive for all the available screen sizes and platforms.