Online Presence Control

One of the new WhatsApp privacy features will be Online Presence Control. This feature will allow the users to use WhatsApp privately without being visible to others. Users will be able to select which contacts can see their online status while hiding from other contacts. This update will be available for both Desktop, web and app versions.

Top Android Apps 2023 - Internet Browsers

Google play store is the largest mobile apps store worldwide. As of Q3 2022, Google Play Store has more than 3.5 million apps. These apps range from basic education apps to productivity, games,  interactive education apps, books,general knowledge trivia, puzzles and simulation apps.

Top Android apps - Internet browsers

Google play store has wide variety of internet browser apps.

Number of apps available in Google Play Store as of 3rd quarter 2022

As of Q3 2022, Google Play Store has more than 3.5 Million Mobile Apps.

We will analyze some of the Top android apps for mobile web browsers. Web browsers on mobile phones are an essential item we need to surf the internet and explore the internet.

Various software development companies have come forward to develop internet browsers for mobile phones. The best mobile web browsers are fast, secure and offer several useful features such as private or ignito modes, tabs management, storing and syncing browser data with your internet browser on your laptop and desktop PCs so you can have all your browser data on any device anywhere and any time. 

Top Android Internet Browsers 2023

BrowserRatingNumber of DownloadsPlaystore Link
Google Chrome4.110 Billion +Download Google Chrome on Android Store
UC Browser4.31 Billion + Download UC Browser on Google Play Store
Samsung Internet Browser4.21 Billion +Download Samsung Internet Browser on Android Store
Opera4.3500 Million +Download Opera Internet Browser on Android Store
Brave Browser4.7100 Million +Download Brave Internet Browser on Android Store
FireFox4.6100 Million +Download Firefox Internet Browser on Android Store
Microsoft Edge Browser4.750 Million+Download Mircosoft Edge Internet Browser on Android Store
DuckDuckGo Private Browser4.710 Million +Download DuckDuckGo Internet Browser on Android Store
This table was last updated on January 8, 2023.